Main SEN Airlines

Within the links attached to this tab, you will find individual fleet records for the aircraft of SEN’s largest and most well known airlines such as:

Air Charter – 10/51 to 6/60

Channel Air Bridge – 10/54 to 1/63

British United Air Ferries – 1/63 to 10/67

British Air Ferries – 10/67 to 4/93

British World Airlines – 4/93 to 12/01

East Anglian Flying Services/Channel Airways – 1/47 to 2/72


Tradair – 3/58 to 12/62

The idea behind each page is not to provide comprehensive, detailed and exhaustive information (which would more than likely be impossible anyway without any direct access to company records), but to provide highlights of each aircraft’s history while they were with their respective airlines. Quite naturally, such information may be extremely limited, especially with regards to those aircraft that didn’t spend much time with their owners or those that were operated during SEN’s early, fledgling years and if you can in anyway help with this, then I would of course be extremely grateful.

The aircraft fleets of other SEN airlines can be found by clicking on the ‘More SEN Airlines’ tab

As always, if you would like to make a contribution or make a suggestion, you can do so on the comments section on each page or by sending an email to