Credit where credit is due…

Indeed, we couldn’t have provided you with this website without the help and generous contributions of the multitude of individuals and organisations listed below:

So, special thanks go to contributors:

Richard Vandervord – One of the U.K.’s most prominent aircraft photographers whose name is synonymous with aviation photography from the early-70s to the present. I would personally like to extend both my thanks and gratitude to Richard for the vast selection of Southend related pictures he has given this project access to and for also providing the photo for our site banner.

You can see more of Richard’s pictures either by clicking on the website’s sidebar link or on the links below.

Richard Vandervord at Airliners.Net

Richard Vandervord at Photobox

Peter Clark – Ex-Channel Air Bridge/Heavylift employee and former president of the SEN chapter of the Royal Aeronautical Society, for contributing a great deal of first hand information, corrections and suggestions with regards to SEN’s history, Air Charter and Aviation Traders entries, not to mention a number of other Southend airlines and companies too. Peter has also provided a full account of his time at Southend which is available to view by clicking here.

Richard Goring – Ex-Aviation Traders and Overseas Aviation employee, editor of Anglian Aviation News and a long established aviation researcher, photographer (Transportraits) and enthusiast who has previously contributed to such weighty tomes as the three volume ‘British Civil Aircraft Since 1919’, not to mention a good number of Air Britain and Air Pictorial publications. I would like to personally thank Richard for the site’s background picture and the classic shots he has provided for this website, many of which are unobtainable elsewhere. I would also like to thank him for his email support and the in-depth and interesting information that he has provided with many of his photographs, some of which you will find on this website.

More of Richard’s pictures can be accessed from the sidebar links on this website.

David Whitworth – Another prominent photographer with a huge range of images to his credit. I’d like to personally thank David for not only giving me access to his own pictures, but for permitting me to use the classic ‘Tony Clarke Collection’ too. More of David’s (and Tony’s) pictures can be found by clicking on his sidebar link.

Dave Welch – Former pilot, navigator and aviation enthusiast who has again, contributed a wide range of shots, many of which are not available elsewhere. I’d like to personally thank Dave for helping to put the last pieces into the puzzle as far as some of the various menus on this site are concerned.

Brian Doherty – Classic aviation photographer Brian has provided this site with many pictures from the ’50s and ’60s that are nigh on impossible to source in this day and age which I am quite naturally, very grateful to him for.

Tony Hancke – Another of aviation’s well seasoned photographers who has provided a good number of shots from the ’50s, including much of the Air Charter, Bristol 170 fleet. Indeed, I would like to extend a big thank you to Tony for helping me fill this particular menu.

Keith Burton – A prominent, Southend, aviation photographer who has been involved with aviation photography since 1962. I’d like to personally thank Keith for a number of classic shots that he has contributed.

Tony Merton-Jones – A huge thank you to the editor of ‘Propliner Magazine’ and author of a number of other, excellent, aviation related tomes who has given this site access to much of his hugely informative and well researched material.

Propliner Website

Björn Larsson and David Zekria – Another big thanks to the webmasters of ‘Aviation Timetable Images’ for making many of their timetables available for non-commercial use.

You can find more timetables and related content by clicking on the link below.

Time Table Images Website

Flightglobal – For making a wide range of extremely interesting information freely available to those who are willing to search their huge ‘Flight International’ archive. Search the archives by clicking below.

Flightglobal Historical Archive

Bo-Göran Lundkvist – I’d also like to personally thank the editor and publisher of the excellent, ‘Aviation Letter Magazine’ for making his Lundkvist Aviation Research information available to this website.

Nick Skinner – For allowing me to delve into his huge, Southend related archive and for providing me with information from the otherwise unobtainable, Southend/Anglian Aviation News publications. Nick is also the creator and webmaster of the extensive Southend Timeline website.

Southend Timeline Website

Jim Brazier – SEN Air Traffic Controller, for his invaluable ‘On this day’ postings on the Facebook LSA TAN forum, for his help with providing a good number of airport events and dates and also several exceedingly rare images.

Chris Garton – For contributing a good deal of first hand information, corrections and suggestions for many of the Air Charter and Aviation Traders entries, not to mention a number of other Southend airlines too.

Neil Punnett – For his invaluable help in assisting me with research for this site.

Marc Wilmott – For his help with everything related to Carvairs and his invaluable assistance during the testing phase of this website’s launch.

Many thanks also go to:

Gill Aldam

John Allan

Ian Anderson

Archive of Transport, Travel and Trade

NA3T Picture Archive

Atlantic Aviation Archive

D.F. Archives

Paul Atkinson

Steve Aubury

Tony Avis

George Baczkowski

Urs Baettig

Simon Bakewell

Paddy Ballard

Mick Bajcar

Ray Barber

Luc Barry

A.J. Best

Gordon Bevan

ETH Bildarkiv

Phil Blinkhorn

Michael Brett

Jamie Briggs

Simon Brooke

Peter Brown

Mark & Hayley Bull

Brian Burrage

Ian Callier

Phillip Camp

David Carey

Alex Christie

Ron Circus

Matthew Clements

Eddie Coates

Paul Cole

Dave Connor

Graham Cook

Peter Cook

Jean Cox

Roger Crunden

Tony Curtis

Dal Darrin Daly

Gabriel Desmond

David Dunlop

Dietrich Eggert

Ken Elliott

Chris England

Dick Gilbert

Andy Glynn

Geoff Goodall

J.M.G. Gradidge

Paul Griggs

Dave Haines

John Halton

Mike Harvey

Simon Hills

Mike Hines

Bob Hobbs (of NA3T)

Paul Jay Hooper

Mike Hopwood

Paul Howard

Paul Howlen

Jerry Hughes

Bob at Jersey Aviation Images

Julian Hyams

Antony Irvin

Scott Irvin

Michael Jefferies

Graham Jennings

Eric Johnson

Dave Jones

Terry Kent

Rik Kirk

Stuart Knock

Norberto M. Laarsen

Marilyn Langley

Mel Lawrence

Ruud Leeuw

Matt Long

Colin Lourie

Ian MacFarlane

Ralf Manteufel

Eduard Marmet

Tim Martin

Graham Mee

Brian Mells

Mike Morant

Tony Mullinger

Richard Nash

Malcolm Nason

Ian Newson

Jim Newton

Felix O

David Oates

David Palmer

Ivan Palmer

Stephan Kay Parfitt

Dave Peel

Douglas Phillips

Colin Pickett

Robin J. Pinnock

Myke Pocock

Jamie Popplewell

Tony Price

Alex Rankin

Meryl Rawlings

Christian Resag

Jeff Rice

Gordon Riley

Gerald T. Robinson

Steve Ryle

Russell Search

Peter Seemann

Mike Sessions

Trevor Sexton

R.A. Scholefield

Nicky Scherrer

Stewart G. Sim

Steve Smith

Maurice Smithson

Lars Söderström

Keith Sowter

Dave Stafford

Nigel Stockwell

Cliff Stone

Nico Terlouw

Paul Theobald

William Thomas

David Thompson

Michael Thorne

John Tietjen

Peter Tonna

Richard Walker

Jonathan Walton

Mick West

Steve Williams

Keith C. Wilson

Chris Winch

George Woods

Johan van der Zee


Wim Zwakhals

All of whom have made valuable contributions to this website.

If I have inadvertently (and somewhat embarrassingly) omitted anyone from this list, please do not hesitate to PM me…


It goes without saying that it would be nigh on impossible to create a website of this magnitude without making use of knowledge that is in the public domain, but often needs a serious amount of research and investigative work to source. Needless to say, under the terms of ‘fair use’ I have used the following to confirm, cross-reference and correct information and would personally like to thank those listed below for making such information available.

Flight International

Flightglobal Historical Archive

Tony Merton-Jones – Propliner Magazine and British Independent Airlines 1946-1976

Official Propliner Site Click Here for Propliner Backissues

Air Britain – British Airlines Since 1919, Digest, Archive and News

Air Britain Website

Bo Göran Lundkvist – Aviation Letter Magazine and Airliner Production Lists

Southend/Anglian Aero News

(Now defunct)

Air International Magazine

Official Website

Aircraft Illustrated Magazine

(Now defunct)

Aeroplane Monthly Magazine

Official Website

Vickers Viscount Network (and in particular Brian Burrage)

VVN Website

Ken Ellis – Wrecks and Relics

A.J.Jackson – British Civil Aircraft Since 1919

Alan.J Wright – Vickers Viscount

Reg Baram – Airlines, Airliners: Vickers Viking

William Patrick Dean – The ATL-98 Carvair

Available from Google Books

London Southend Airport Then and Now (LSA TAN) forum


PPrune Network

Aviation History and Nostalgia Forum


Aircraft Registration Search


Aircraft Lists in Excel Format