Operated from 1960 to 1968

Main Base – Oxford later Southampton

Founders/Directors – Mr. T. Brooke-Smith, Mr. R.O. Camac & Mr. J.N. Christopherson

As plane hire became more popular during the 1950s, Rent-a-Plane was one such company established to meet this demand. The idea was to procure a large fleet of mostly PA-22s and hire them out to flying clubs or qualified individuals on a committent basis of 200, 300 or 400 hours per year plus a flat fee of between £3 & £4.50 for each hour that the aircraft was in use. The only other financial liabilities would be those of fuel and hangarage while RaP would take care of all maintenance needs. Sufficed to say, RaP’s aircraft would become regular visitors to SEN especially from 1961 onwards, although quite naturally, these aircraft would invariably be operating for numerous other private concerns when doing so.


Rent-a-Plane fleet from 1960 to 1967

Piper PA-18-95 Super Cub

G-ARCT – 10/60 to 4/63

Sold to J. Braithwaite (Aerial Photography) Ltd

Piper PA-22-108 Colt

G-ARJC – 3/61 to 1/68

Sold to West London Aero Service Lts

G-ARJE – 3/61 to 3/65

Sold to White Contracting Ltd

G-ARJG – 4/61 to 1/68

Sold to West London Aero Services Ltd

G-ARJH* – 3/61 to 1/68

Sold to West London Aero Service Ltd

Piper PA-22-150 Caribbean

G-APXO* – 6/60 to 9/62

Sold to United Dominions Trust Ltd

G-ARBT – 9/60 to 7/62

Sold to Ingram’s Hearing Aids Ltd

G-ARBU* – 11/60 to 9/62

Sold to Spartan Flying Group

G-ARCA – 8/60 to 9/62

Sold to Test Development Co. Ltd

G-ARCB* – 7/60 to 9/62

Sold to United Dominions Trust Ltd

G-ARCU* – 10/60 to 8/62

Sold to S.J.A. Hill

G-ARDS – 11/60 to 4/62

Sold to Bristol & Wessex Aero Club

G-ARFC* – 1/61 to 6/63

Sold to Universal Flying Services Ltd

G-ARHH* – 6/61 to 2/63

Sold in Denmark as OY-AEI

G-ARHR* – 3/61 to 4/63

Sold to David Edwards (Cars) Ltd

G-ARHT* – 3/61 to 11/62

Sold to Shropshire Aero Club

Piper PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer

G-ARET* – 3/61 to 4/64

Sold to London & Home Counties Aero Club

G-ARFD* – 10/61 to 7/64

Universal Flying Services Ltd

G-ARGX* – 10/61 to 5/64

Sold to Addiscombe Aviation Ltd

G-ARGY* – 10/61 to 6/65

Liverpool Aero Club

G-ARHU* – 6/61 to 5/63

Sold to F.B.J. Gibbons & W. Todd

Piper PA-24 Comanche

G-APUZ* – 4/61 to 2/64

Sold to Viscount Pollington & C.A. Savile & J.J. Eyston


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