Nuclear Power Company

Operated from 1960 to 1969

Main Base – Knutsford

Founders/Directors – Unknown

Starting out in 1960, the Nuclear Power Company came about as a result of a merger between the Nuclear Power Plant Co. Ltd. & A.E.I. John Thompson Nuclear Energy Co. Ltd. As such, they became responsible for overseeing the completion of three nuclear power plants; one being built in Italy called Latina and two being built in Britain, namely Berkeley & Bradwell, the latter of which brought N.P.C.’s aircraft to Southend from 1960 onwards. Indeed up until 1962, these visits to SEN were numerous and frequent with two flights often occurring on the same day. However, during the first three years, the Nuclear Power Company seemingly preferred to lease its aircraft with a total of three Piaggio P.166s becoming regular visitors to the airport. Indeed, it wasn’t until the beginning of 1963 that a Dove was acquired and while visits were now less common thanks primarily to the commissioning of Bradwell in 1962, their Dove still made its presence felt from time to time. In 1969, the Nuclear Power Company was eventually reformed into The Nuclear Power Group Group Ltd. and by this time their Dove had been disposed of.


Nuclear Power Company fleet from 1960 to 1964

Piaggio P.166

G-APSJ – ?/62 to ?/62

Leased from McAlpine Aviation

G-APWY – ?/61 to ?/62

Leased from McAlpine Aviation

G-AYPY – ?/60 to ?/62

Leased from McAlpine Aviation

De Havilland D.H.104 Dove

G-AMXY – 1/63 to 10/68

Sold to Canford Aviation Service Ltd


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