Woods of Colchester

Operated from 1903 to 1998

Main Base – Colchester

Founder/Director – Maurice Woods

Woods of Colchester became a going concern in 1942 after the renaming and reorganising of M.W. Woods Ltd which had been operating since the beginning of the 20th century. At the end of WWII, Woods became a major asset of the General Electric Company which effectively took over much of the sales and promotional work on behalf of this firm. The bulk of the company business revolved around the design and manufacture of ‘Axial Aerofoil’ fans, first for household use and later for industrial applications such as in air-conditioners, mine ducts and marine applications. Finally, in 1962 Woods acquired a company which produced heat exchangers, before being bought out completely by GEC in 1964, although the name would survive until 1998 when it became Woods Air Movement Ltd.

As far as trips to Southend were concerned, during the early 1960s all three of the Woods aircraft would become an extremely common sight at the airport and while operations were infrequent in the winter, during the warmer months two aircraft could and often would appear on the same day. Indeed, during the first six months of 1962, Woods of Colchester made more than 80 visits to SEN alone. However, it would appear that the only purpose for their comings and goings was that of customs clearance as these aircraft headed from Boxted airfield to numerous destinations on the Continent either transporting V.I.P.s or on customer/maintenance visits.


Woods of Colchester fleet from 1960 to 1964

Aero 500B Commander

G-ARGW – 11/60 to 8/64

Sold to London Aero Club Ltd

Beech 95 Travel Air

G-APUB – 6/59 to 6/63

Sold to Joan Breedon

De Havilland D.H.104 Dove

G-ALCU – 10/61 to 6/63

Sold to Avionics Ltd


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