U.S.A.F. Flying Clubs

Operated from c.1959 to c.1966

Main Bases – Bentwood, Chelveston & Mildenhall

Founder/Director – U.S.A.F.

Having retained several bases in the U.K. after the cessation of WWII hostilities, U.S.A.F. flight personnel at a number of these airfields were provided with two or three single engined types with U.S. civil registrations which were then used for an assortment of trips both around the Britain and to the near continent. While the exact purpose of these flights is unknown, being termed ‘aero clubs’ it was highly likely that these aircraft were made available for the personal use of pilots and aircrew alike. While as many as five of these clubs were known to have used Southend for customs clearance prior to crossing the Channel, the greatest number of visits were accumulated by the aircraft of the three bases mentioned above with one or more of their aircraft arriving more or less on a daily basis during 1962 & 1963, especially during the warmer months.


Bentwood Aero Club Fleet

De Havilland D.H.C.2 Beaver

N9824F – 12/60 to 8/62

Returned to U.S.A.F. as 52-6139

Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer

N4403A – ?/?? to 7/66

Sold to Horsted Aviation as G-ATXA

N8125D – ?/?? to 7/66

Sold to Horsted Aviation as G-ATXB

Chelveston Aero Club fleet

De Havilland D.H.C.2 Beaver

N9825F – 7/61 to 9/62

Returned to U.S.A.F. as 51-16568

Champion 7EC Traveler

N9837Y – 3/63 to 1/67

Sold to Horsted Aviation as G-AVDU

Mildenhall Aero Club fleet

De Havilland D.H.C.2 Beaver

N9755F – ?/?? to 9/71

Returned to the U.S. and sold privately

Cessna 175

N6594E – ?/?? to 12/70

Sold to Old Warden Flying & Parachute Group as G-AYNL



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