CASA 2.111

Casa 2

G-AWHB – ‘6J+PR’

With the H.A.M. from May 1972 to May 1983*

One of the museum’s most illustrious residents and a veritable star of the silver screen, this ex-Spanish Air Force CASA 2.111 (B.21-37) was one of 32 airframes used in the 1969 epic ‘Battle of Britain’. While most of the aerial filming for this classic actually took place in Spain, two aircraft were flown to the UK to film a small number of shots over the English countryside, ‘6J+PR’ being one of these aircraft. Externally identical to the original He 111 bomber, the only real noticeable differences were the large radiator cooling intakes at the base of the nacelles directly behind the propellers and the higher placement of the engine’s exhaust manifolds, both of which denoted that she was equipped with British Merlin engines rather than the original Jumos which powered all German built production aircraft.

Having been stored outside at Bovingdon once her roll in the aforementioned filmCASA 2 (2) had concluded, she was eventually despatched to West Maling in 1971 where she was put up for sale. In May 1972 she was bought by the H.A.M. and was subsequently moved to Southend on the back of a lorry where not long after her arrival, she underwent some restoration work and a full repaint, after which she was then put on display within the purpose built hangar. However by 1974, the museum’s aircraft had been shifted about during which she was summarily relocated to the compound outside to make way for the museum’s more ‘delicate’ aircraft. There she would sit exposed to the elements, even after the museum had closed its doors in March 1983.

On May 10th 1983, Philips auctioneers disposed of the remaining H.A.M. aircraft and this CASA was eventually sold to Paul Raymond who had it moved to London Bridge during July of that year. In 1985, Kermit Weeks made an attempt to CASA 3acquire the aircraft, however the deal fell through and she was moved to Royston the following year. Having been stored outside for almost 15 years she was rapidly beginning to deteriorate when Aces High stepped in during 1988 to purchase the aircraft for future restoration. She was then subsequently purchased for display in Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage Collection in Everett, Washington with the aircraft having visibly received some attention including partial refinishing when she was last seen at Marham in 2002. However, during the winter of 2014/2015 this aircraft was seen at Duxford with a good deal of restoration work having been carried out on the fuselage before finally making her way across the Atlantic to the U.S. where she is now believed to be in storage.


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