Morton Air Services

Morton Air Services

Operated from May 1945 to Nov 1968

Main Bases – Croydon/Gatwick

Founder/Director – Capt. T.W. Morton

Morton Air Services was a moderately large, Croydon based airline which initially specialised in scheduled and charter services to the Channel Islands and Benelux countries. Founded by Captain T.W. ‘Sammy’ Morton in 1945, the airline started out with Consuls and Dragon Rapides before later moving on to more modern equipment. Operations were later expanded to include ambulance services, horse racing and corporate charters. During June 1947, Morton was instrumental in dispatching its aircraft to France and Switzerland to bring back British holidaymakers after being stranded there by a French railways strike, its Consuls making flights into double figures.

As the late-40s came and went, the airline slowly began to re-equip with Dove and Heron aircraft. Route expansions also took place with its popular Channel Island flights now being flown from other British airports while it would later go on to expand its services abroad, eventually basing aircraft as far afield as the Lebanon, Pakistan and Burma. Other routes included London to the Isle of Man and Isle of Wight although by 1950, these had been abandoned and London/Bristol to the Channel Islands and to Paris, France became the backbone of Morton’s regular routes. During the early-50s, Morton had one main competitor – Olley Air Services – an airline that flew similar aircraft and routes, however, by 1953, this airline had been abandoned by its chairman and Morton stepped in to buy the company.

However, in 1958 the airline itself was bought out by Airwork and approximately one year later, the Morton operation was moved to Gatwick. It was during this period that services began operating from Southend, starting in February 1965 with twice weekly livestock flights to Billund using a C-47. Services were then expanded further with a Heron arriving in May to fly spares charters on behalf of Ford between Antwerp and Southend, although by the end of the year this aircraft had also been replaced by larger Dakotas which subsequently continued operations into 1966. While Morton still operated as a separate entity after its takeover by BUA, it would finally be merged with Jersey Airlines in December 1965, although it continued to operate under its own name until 1968 when the airline was finally disbanded and its remaining operations were absorbed into BUA and its other associate companies.



Morton fleet from 1947-1968

Airspeed Consul

G-AHFT – 5/46 to 6/52

Ditched into the English Channel 14/6/52

G-AHJX – 7/46 to 5/50

DBR Guernsey 12/5/52

G-AIAH – 9/46 to 10/59

G-AIOS – 12/46 to 10/59

G-AIOU – 1/47 to 5/48

DBR Cairo 24/5/48

G-AIOW – 1/47 to 12/54

WFU and later scrapped

G-AIUY – 10/53 to 5/56

G-AJLR – 10/53 to 9/56

D.H Dragon Rapide

G-AGUG – 9/56 to 12/62

Sold to Eurafair, France

G-AGWP – 1/46 to 6/60

(Sold to Aircraft Distributors, Gatwick)

G-AGWR – 1/46 to 4/54

(Sold in Denmark)

G-AHIA – 4/46 to 2/50

(Sold to Skyways)

G-AKOR – 3/48 to 5/50

(Sold to Skyways)

G-AKTZ – 5/53 to 8/54

(Sold to Iraq Petroleum)

G-AKUS – 3/48 to 4/48

(Sold to Arthur Weyman)

G-AKZW – 6/50 to 4/52

(Sold in Guinea)

G-ALBH – 7/57 to 6/60

(Sold to Aircraft Distributors, Gatwick)

Douglas DC-3/C-47 Dakota

G-AMRA – 11/62 to 11/68

Transferred to BUIA

G-AMHJ – 7/62 to 11/68

Transferred to BUIA

G-AMSV – 11/62 to 11/68

Transferred to BUIA

G-AMYJ – 11/65 to 11/68

Transferred to BUIA

G-AOBN – 11/62 to 11/68

Transferred to BUIA

G-AOUD – 11/65 to 11/68

Transferred to BUIA

D.H.104 Dove

G-AJBI – 5/49 to 4/67

G-AJDP – 9/50 to 3/62

G-AKJR – 4/53 to 9/67

G-AKST – 5/48 to 6/48

G-AKSU – 3/48 to 6/48

G-AMYO – 3/54 to 11/68

(TFR to Jersey Airlines)

G-ANAN – 7/53 to 6/69

(To Senegal)

G-ANVC – 9/54 to 2/66

G-AOYC – 1/64 to 11/68

(TFR to Jersey Airlines)

G-ANPH – 4/54 to 7/66

D.H.114 Heron

G-AOGO – 1/59 to 11/68


G-AOXL – 5/57 to 11/68

(TFR to BUA – Preserved at Croydon as of 2015)

G-ANSZ – 12/65 to 11/68

(TFR to BUA)

G-ANWZ – 12/65 to 11/68

(TFR to BUA)

G-APKT – 5/61 to 12/64

(To Sierra Leone Airways)

G-ASUZ – 7/64 to 9/68

(To Executive Air Engineering)

G-ASVA – 7/64 to 9/68

(To Executive Air Engineering)

G-ASVB – 7/64 to 10/64

(To Fiji Airways)

G-ASVC – 7/64 to 10/64

(To Fiji Airways)


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