De Havilland D.H.114 Heron 1B – c/n 14002

With Channel from Jan 1969 to Feb 1972

Heron G-AOZM arrived at Southend on January 22nd 1969, having been purchased from ‘Mike’ Keegan who also took it upon himself to personally deliver this aircraft from Coventry. However, having been purchased mostly to provide feeder services for the Scottish Flyer service, with the route’s subsequent collapse at the end of 1969, ZM would spend just one year working for the airline. It was almost a month before she would fly again, carrying out her first service accompanied by G-ANCI on the Norwich-Castle Donington-Liverpool feeder route on February 18th 1969. As the year went on, she would also make a number of trips to Ostend and would on rare occasions fly the Norwich-Ipswich-Southend service too.

On November 28th 1969, G-AOZM would fly the last ever feeder on the Castle Donington service and after that was given the task of helping to maintain the winter schedule which saw her making a small number of flights to Ostend and Rotterdam. Her final flight for Channel came on February 20th 1970 when she flew almost empty back to Southend for retirement from operations. After her withdrawal, she languished at SEN for two more years before finally being put up for sale by Channel’s receivers. Having already been stripped of most useful parts, the remaining hulk was sold for scrap and later moved to Staravia at Lasham where it was finally broken up.


History of G-AOZM

5/52 to 4/57

Braathens SAFE as LN-PSG

4/57 to 12/59

Silver City as G-AOZM

12/59 to 11/62

Itavia as I-AOZM

11/62 to 4/63

Keegan Aviation as G-AOZM

4/63 to 12/65


12/65 to 4/67

Avitour as 4X-ARK

4/67 to 8/67

Executive Air Engineering

8/67 to 1/69

Keegan Aviation (rr as G-AOZM 11/68)

1/69 to 2/72

Channel Airways


WFU at Southend 1/70 – The remaining hulk was moved to Lasham and B/U 7/72


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