Viking G-AKTV1

Vickers 634 Viking 1B – c/n 208

With Channel from Dec 1962 to Aug 1964

Much like her ex-Tradair stable mate Viking G-AIXR, Tango Victor would also go into service one day after joining her new owner. On December 21st 1962, she flew to Ostend and would continue to fly both this route and the Rotterdam service during the winter of 1962/63 along with Viking XR. With seven more Vikings already on Channel’s books, it is highly likely that the decision was taken quite early on to get one more season of work out of these two aircraft before permanently withdrawing them, this seemingly being confirmed by the fact that they were never painted in Channel’s own livery. Nevertheless, Tango Victor soldiered on throughout the summer and was finally removed from service on September 2nd 1963 after returning from yet another trip to Ostend. She was later scrapped during August 1964.


History of G-AKTV

7/47 to 3/48

Aer Lingus as EI-ADF

3/48 to 5/59

Airwork Ltd as G-AKTV

5/59 to 12/62

Tradair Ltd

12/62 to 8/64

Channel Airways Ltd


WFU 9/63 and later scrapped at SEN during 8/64


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