Within the attached sub-menus, you will find extensive (and hopefully complete) listings of the aircraft that this company used. If five or more of one type were operated, then I have endeavoured to provide them with their own exclusive menu. Lesser types have been grouped together in the ‘OTHERS’ tab. In this particular location (and if applicable) you will also find a separate page for aircraft that were leased short-term (one year or less) and airframes that were purchased purely for spares use. Any aircraft that were leased long-term can be found in the main fleet listings.

Needless to say, the intention here is not to supply endless lists of information, but to highlight significant events and provide a brief history of each individual airframe while it was operating with its respective, Southend based airline. However in many cases, you will often find a certain amount of peripheral information that may be of particular interest too. To complete the story, a complete history of ownership and the aircraft’s fate have also been listed. These particular listings run in alphabetical order according to their registrations.

In these menus you will find all the major types such as the:

Bristol 170

Operated by CAB/BUAF/BAF from 2/59 to 4/71

ATL Carvair

Operated by CAB/BUAF/BAF from 2/62 to 6/79

Handley Page Herald

Operated by BAF from 1/75 to 11/93

Vickers Viscount

Operated by BAF/BWA from 1/81 to 1/98

(See ‘Leased’ too)

BAC 1-11

Operated by BAF/BWA from 3/90 to 12/01

Also the lesser types of which only one or a few examples were operated. These include the:

Avro (H.S) 748

Operated by BAF from 11/70 to 11/71

Canadair CL-44

Operated by BAF from 3/72 to 10/72

Douglas DC-4

Operated by BAF from 1/73 to 2/74

Short 3-30

Operated by BAF from 12/83 to 10/89


Operated by BWA from 3/96 to 11/99