SEN Visitors


This particular menu consists of five categories – the top two cover all British airlines and other airline related businesses that visited SEN on a regular basis, whether the purpose of their visits was to carry out passenger or cargo flights, fly charters or simply use the airport for refinishing, servicing and/or maintenance. A good number of these pages have already been published although they will quite naturally be added to as and when new or further information becomes available.

Below these two, you will find two more tabs which are home to the foreign airlines that visited Southend regularly for the very same purposes.

Finally, at the bottom you will find a 5th tab. This is still under construction but will eventually cover all other regular visitors such as air forces, emergency/rescue/ambulance services, executive, taxi, leasing or any other non-airline related company that frequently passed through either on visits or to clear customs.

Within each post, you will find a basic history of each airline or company, its main purpose for coming to SEN and any other relevant pictures or information. At the bottom of each page you will also find a fleet listing of the types that frequented Southend. However, while all airframes of each type that were in service at the time may have been provided, this does not necessarily denote that all of them visited the airport and in a number of cases, these are provided for historical reference only. That being said, any aircraft known to have visited SEN at least once are marked with a * next to the registration and as more information becomes available, I will attempt to add movement records of known visits by individual airframes (please see below for more details on this). Naturally, this will only apply to non-SEN based aircraft only. Finally, any help in providing any pictures, information or paraphernalia will as always be greatly welcomed and of course much appreciated.

In some cases, the Southend history of certain airlines will overlap the periods I have designated for each menu and where this occurs, I have placed such companies within the menu that best reflects its greatest number of visits.

SEN Movement Records

As and when records of visits become available, I will try to add them to the histories of each airframe. To keep things simple, I have placed these records separately at the bottom of each page where they will be listed by type, registration and year followed by the known visits for each month. Also, wherever possible I have tried to add the airport that each aircraft arrived from and its departure destination too. So for example, if you see (MMX-NCE) next to a date, then this means that the aircraft in question arrived at Southend from Malmö and then later departed to Nice.

On occasion, you may only see a single code such as (AMS). This means that the aircraft in question arrived at Southend from Amsterdam and either overnighted or possibly stopped over for one of numerous reasons such as engineering work. In most cases, if you look to the right of this record you will find another date and single code which will inform you of its eventual destination. If you’re not very familiar with these three letter airport codes, then please click here and the IATA website will open in a separate browser where you can do a search.

Again, if you feel that any additions, edits or corrections are in order, then please do not hesitate to email us at