Your Stories


Within this section of the site, it is my greatest wish and desire to collect as many personal memories, experiences and flashbacks about SEN during the period 1947-2002 as possible – a quest that I hope you will be happy to join me in. Below the ‘Your Stories’ tab above, you will find three, further tabs and at the risk of stating the obvious, below I will summarise what should go within each of them:

The Airport – This section will ideally cover everything to do with the airport itself such as:

  • Air Crew Stories – Anything relating to pilots or cabin crew
  • ATC Stories – Anything to do with ATC and flight operations
  • Aviation Enthusiast Stories – Any interesting tales about plane spotting or unusual movements at SEN
  • Customs Stories – Anything that revolves around the exploits of Her Majesty’s officers
  • Duty Crew Stories – Anything related to bat-(wo)men, refuelling, fire services and aviation incidents
  • Engineering Stories – Anything involving maintenance, servicing, breaking and unusual visits to SEN
  • General Aviation Stories – Anything revolving around classic G.A. at Southend
  • Handling Stories – Anything that deals with the handling of freight, baggage or the equipment itself
  • Security Stories – Anything that covers the never ending task of keeping the airport secure
  • Terminal Stories – Anything related to check-in, information, service desks and its retail facilities

Please feel free to relay anything from the extremely humorous to the deadly serious, although please remember to keep all submissions civil, decent and free from any clearly foul, discriminatory, abusive or inflammatory language. Finally, all submissions will be listed in chronological order by date.

If you do wish to make a submission, could you please try to provide a date (month and year will do) and as much information as you can remember, including any pictures, if you do indeed have any to share.

The People – This menu will attempt to cover the many individuals who were long-term, familiar faces at Southend or who in one way or another, deserve a certain level of recognition for their contribution to the airport. Please feel free to suggest anyone I may have missed, who you feel is worthy of inclusion on this particular board.

Personal Histories – This section is reserved for those who served for an extensive period of time at Southend and who wish to share an extended history and many different personal memories of the airport. Because of their large content and the fact that they do not fit into any one category above, each submission in this section will receive its own, separate page.

If you wish to send us your story and pictures to accompany it or indeed, if you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at